Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crickets Of The Night

Is that Satan?

Unless you've got really good eyes, you're gonna need to click 'em to read 'em:


Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Yes, it was Satan's night to take the kids out trick or treating. The two kids in burglars' masks seem pretty happy about this, but the child (in the "anxious old man mask")hunkered down at the base of the tree and the pirate seem to realize the gravity of the situation.
2) Somebody did a pre-ty good job finding the haunted house. There is just one grim moment when the ink gets very dark, and you can sense frustration as three paths converge to nothingness.
3) Fobe? Fose? Bob Fosse?
4) What else did Plastic Jack subscribe to?

Steven A. said...

The mysterious 'fose' turns up in several different places in this issue and my Broadway-happy brain immediately assumed it to be refering to Bob Fosse, although what he had to do with any of this I'll never know.

Plastic Jack subscribed to every magazine ever offered through the Publisher's Clearing House although he only ever received the Hallowe'en issues of any of them...