Monday, October 29, 2007

Yesterday's Paper

Just a few random paper decorations from my childhood-

This black cat was one of the first Hallowe'en decorations my mother bought on the first Hallowe'en after she and my father 'set up housekeeping' as the kids call it today.

This poor little paper decoration has suffered much abuse in its lifetime... for some reason I always chose this one to stick in one of our front windows. I estimate that it has seen at least 300 days worth of direct sunshine over the years. It's a miracle that there is any color left to it at all. It's a Hallowe'en miracle.

The witch on the left used to remind me of Lorraine Newman when I was a kid, which is sort of a funny person for a little kid to be reminded of except that I always loved the Coneheads.

This skull always got chosen for the spot of honor... the wall overlooking my bed.

My favorite of the batch. A work of art from the wonderful Beistle company. Her cauldron is a tissue paper honeycomb that opens up from the other side and which use to sit upon a ring of paper flames which was lost long ago. She never would stay standing up after we lost that ring of fire and in all the years of her toppling over on our living room coffee table no one ever thought to jury-rig a new paper flame of any sort.


Kirk D. said...

Great post. I recognize many of those from my elementary school days. Especially that happy tree.
I have a very similar version of the faded witches. I wonder witch version came first. Get it?

Well done on the whole countdown too.
It was sure fun, but I'm happy that the frenzy is over.

Happy Halloween

Sparkle Plenty said...


eviedee said...

That witch TOTALLY looks like Lorraine Newman! Happy Halloween! Thanks for a festively fun month of posts! :)

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

We had a couple of those same decorations when I was a kid. The Lorraine Newman witch and the pumpkin scarecrow. Thanks for the memories.