Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday Night Staredown

"And now, live from the Orville Redenbacher Arena in Brazil, Indiana, it's the Sunday Night Staredown on the Plastic Pumpkins Broadcast Network!"

"Let's meet tonight's Staredown competitors! In this corner, last year's Friday the 13th Staredown champion and four time winner of the Marty Feldmen National...."

"...Hallowe'en Kitty Pez!!!"

"And in the far corner, upstart challenger and first-time competitor on the professional staredown circuit..."

"...Plastic Jack!!!"

"Gentlemen... begin staring!"

"The winner and brand new Staredown world champion...

Plastic Jack!!!!"


Shawn Robare said...

Plastic Jack, David Cronenberg is on line two, he's like to talk to you about starring in Scanners 2...

Rozum said...

I'm starting to think there might be something not quite right about Plastic Jack.

Remember in "Star Wars" when Luke's uncle bought the red R5-D4 from the jawas, and R2-D2 started rocking back and forth whistling, then suddenly R5-D4 exploded?

See what I mean?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Bu-bu-but! KITTY! Where's the KITTY? It's all special effects, right? The kitty's gonna come back, right, huh, right?

'n kitty had the more evil EYEBROWS. How could kitty LOSE unless kitty's opponent had, you know, sold its plastic soul no, it can't be.

Why do Plastic Jack's eyes suddenly look like hypnowheels? What can that mean, I don-----

Sparkle HEART Plastic Jack! Kitty sux.

Max the drunken severed head said...

I'm ready to start a Plastic Jack fan club!

Todd Franklin said...

Scary stuff! That Pez neve saw it coming!

Kirk D. said...

Well, there goes my idea for tomorrow's post.

But for real, that was great and hilarious.

also: saw this and thought of you...

Steven A. said...

I always got the impression that R2 had something to do with that other droid's malfunction? Can droids use the Force? Is that a possible thing?

Don't worry, Sparkle. That was a trained stunt double who knows how to burn to a puddle without really getting hurt! Sort of.

And if I can ever remember my ebay log-in name or password I'll be all over that Wear-A-Weirdo!