Friday, October 26, 2007

Will The Last Jack & Jill To Leave The Blog Please Turn Out The Lights

I love that they live on the moon! There's no reason for them to live on the moon, it serves no point for plot purposes, they just live on the moon and that's the way it is...


Sparkle Plenty said...

I don't know why, but this particular Jack and Jill kinda made me want to weep--probably the Sleepy Little Pumpkin's fault.

Here are my answers to the October riddles (sorta) because if I keep tryin', odds are I'll get one right:

1) Why, when it is a ball, naturally!
2) Why, because then you have a jack o' lantern to read by, of course!
3) Ungh! I dunno! Who am I, MacGyver? (Thumps head on table)
4) Aargh! They are not like songs! (Thumps head on table)
5) Just one ball of twine with VERY long arms! (Thumps head on table)

Steven A. said...

I'm grading on a very loose curve tonight so... Congratulations! You've answered them all correctly! Yeah!

Boy, if I was a teacher I'd be everybody's favorite.